Magazine Propeller Reviews

Bass & Walleye Boats,  August 1996, "Switch Blades" by Bruce Smith
"considerably quicker holeshots and equivalent top speed as the fixed-pitch prop...heavier boats will find zero-to-30 times improved even more."
--- Tested on a Skeeter 190 SX with a 175 Mercury outboard.

Boating Magazine,  March 1999, "Juggling Act" by Charles Plueddeman
"While the Power Pitch® is expensive, it may also be priceless if your getting-on-to-plane performance doesn't cut it."
--- Tested on a 7.4L Sea Ray 260 Overnighter

Boating Magazine,  March 1997, "Spin Doctor" by Bill Fedorko
"Top speed: 40.5 mph, just a bit faster than with the original prop. But acceleration was almost doubled."
--- Tested on a 3.0L Sea Ray 175

Dockside,  Junuary 1997, "The Big Pitch" by John Barr
"we calculated that the AeroStar Power Pitch® had cut the Sea Ray's time-to-plane in half, with no loss of speed at WOT."
--- Tested on a 7.4L Sea Ray 268 Sundancer

Hot Boat,  September 1996, "Perfect Pitch" by Bob Brown
"Driving the AeroStar props truly did give the feeling that the boat was equipped with an automatic two-speed transmission."
--- Tested on a Lavey Craft Sebring 20.8' Tunnel with a 2.5 Mercury Outboard and on a 7.4L Eliminator 250 Eagle XP Bowrider.

Outdoor Life,  March 1996, "Fast Pitch" by Charles Plueddeman
Top Speed
Mercury Tempest 12.4 Seconds 59.5 MPH
AeroStar Switch Blade® 6.3 Seconds 59.5 MPH
--- Tested on a Nitro Savage 184 with a 150 Mercury Outboard.

Popular Mechanics,  September 1997, "Turn of the Screw" by John Wooldridge
"because of its ability to start out in a lower pitch, it shined brightly in acceleration."
--- Tested on a 19' Ranger 692 VS with a 175 Mercury Outboard.

Trailer Boats,  July 1997, "Switch Pitch Props" by Jim Barron
"Our switch-pitch prop of choice is the AeroStar... It has the widest application... It is superbly built and easy to operate."
--- Tested on a 5.7L Stingray 656ZP 21.5' Bowrider.

Trailer Boats,  July 1993, "Auto-shifting Props" by Jim Barron
"A clever operating design, execellent performance, a smooth shift and easy setup make the AeroStar prop our choice." --- Tested on a 5.0L Wellcraft Eclipse 196 Bowrider.

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