The Power Pitch® Pro auto-shift transmission propeller is specifically designed for bass boast and similar high performance outboard applications. It has a modified transmission hub matched with high rake baldes to deliver exceptional bow lift and top speed.
The set-up provides outstanding "out-of-the-hole" acceleration, leaving those four or five blade propellers in its wake. There is nothing else like it for this application.
All the components are stainless steel and use a space-age composite bushings that never require lubrication. The blades can be repaired and replacement blades are available individually or in sets of three.

Power Pitch® Pro XL - Non-flared hub, 14½" diameter, available with 21 through 28 inch high pitch blades.
USE: Bass boats and similar high performance outboards, such as flats and tunnel boats or v-bottom hulls with rear pad.
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