The Power Pitch® Pro and SwitchBlade® Pro auto-shifting transmission propellers from AeroStar Marine are the first self contained bolt-on auto-shift propellers for your cruiser, outboard or runabout that features transmission hub technology.
Just like the automatic transmission on your car, the final drive ratios (pitch) of these propellers are automatically changed by the hubs patented internal transmission, providing peak performance from acceleration through high speed cruise.
Attached to the sleek, low drag, stainless steel transmission hub are three high performance blades. These blades automatically change the engine drive ranges between low and high. It's important to understand why this change in ranges is so exciting. While the automatic transmission on an automobile depends on changing gears, the AeroStar Marine transmission uses changing blade angles (pitch) to maintain performance and accelerate smoothly. Using a low pitch angle improves acceleration, prevents lugging and reduces stress on the engine. A high pitch angle, improves your top speed, lowers engine rpm and reduces fuel consumption.
With AeroStar Marine's new dual pitch, auto-shift transmission hub propeller, you can finally utilize the full range of your boat's performance capabilities while reducing engine stress at the same time.
Under light or heavy loading, whether accelerating slowly or applying wide-open throttle, the transmission responds accordingly resulting in smooth effortless shifting, unparalleled acceleration and top speed that equals or exceeds fixed pitch stainless steel props. The AeroStar Marine transmission propeller can also be temporarily locked in the low pitch position.
With four blade styles, three hub styles and ten different pitches, AeroStar Marine can configure a version of the Power Pitch® Prop for nearly all boating applications.
AeroStar Marine's propellers come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty and a 30 Day Money-Back Guaranty.

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