The Power Pitch® Pro auto-shift transmission propeller is ideal for most general boating applications, for stern drive powered boats having 4½ thru hub exhaust.
All transmission coponents are located entirely within the sleek, low drag hub, allowing us to develop different high speed blade designs optimized for different applications. The blades are not encumbered with fins, pins, cams or other features to assist the transmission. As a result, they do not have the drag or unreliability which can accompany these features. The blades are machined for a particular high pitch setting and are available in a wide range of different pitches.
All the components are stainless steel and use a space-age composite bushings that never require lubrication. The blades can be repaired and replacement blades are available individually or in sets of three.

Power Pitch® Pro XA - Flared hub, 14¾" diameter, available with 17 through 26 inch high pitch blades.
USE: Runabouts and ski boats with V-6 or V-8 I/O's.

Power Pitch® Pro XL - Flared hub, 14½" diameter, available with 21 through 28 inch high pitch blades.
USE: Tunnel or catamaran I/O's and other I/O's seeking more bow lift, such as v-bottom hulls with a rear pad.

Power Pitch® Pro XS - Flared hub, 14" diameter, available with 18 through 23 inch high pitch blades.
USE: Runabouts and ski boats with 4 cylinder I/O's.
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